Kevin DeWine

The Plot Thickens In Ohio
October 26, 2011

If Mitt Romney's hope was that skirting the contentious Ohio referendum over public employee unions would leave him clearer sailing for competing in that swing state next year, he miscalculated badly. There are are new signs coming out of Ohio of just what a mess has been left in the state's Republican circles by his refusal to speak out for Gov. John Kasich's sweeping anti-union law even as he showed up at a phone bank making calls on behalf of upholding the law.

Leave a Message
October 21, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Let us contemplate the joys of being in the political opposition when unemployment in your state tops 10 percent. Kevin DeWine, the affable chairman of the Republican Party in Ohio, has a transparent board behind his desk at state headquarters where he scribbles reminders to himself. A permanent fixture is this list of words: "Spending, taxes, jobs, economy, deficit, debt." DeWine says he keeps the issues inventory as a reminder to all of his party's candidates. "If they are not talking about these things," he says, "they are off-message." And his candidates seem to listen.