When "Holocaust" Became "The Holocaust"
An etymological mystery
May 17, 2015

An etymological mystery.

Textspeak Is Modernizing the Egnlish Language (*English)
April 06, 2015

The way we type now is more complex than you might think.

Dear Politicians, Stop Calling People "Taxpayers"
March 19, 2015

The word only divides us between supposed makers and takers.

Stop Sleep-Shaming Us, Tim Cook
March 09, 2015

Go back to bed!

Workers of the Word Unite
On language and class at the copy desk
March 02, 2015

On language and class at the copy desk.

What It's Like to Raise Your Children Speaking Esperanto
February 19, 2015

Two-year-old Gabriel Nacu is beginning to string together full sentences in the made-up language of Esperanto.

How Obama Can Keep His Audience Awake Tonight: Go Negative
January 20, 2015

Dutch researchers reveal the key to gripping political speeches.

Polling Is Overrated. To Predict an Election, Choose the Politician Who Gets the Most Laughs.
January 06, 2015

In five swing states, the candidate who elicited a higher number of positive responses per minute carried the state.

Does Gay Male Culture Have a Misogyny Problem?
December 15, 2014

Rose McGowan and Azealia Banks aren't totally wrong.

Woman Doctors, Woman Writers ... Is Using 'Woman' as an Adjective Demeaning?
October 27, 2014

What's wrong with using "woman" as a modifier?