Linda McMahon

Why Doesn’t Wrestling Matter In Linda McMahon's Senate Race?
October 16, 2012

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon is trying to cast herself as a kindly grandmother. Can that win her a Senate seat?

CT Senate Debate: Is It Too Late To Pick Another Candidate?
October 04, 2010

For a while I've been wondering how the Senate race in Connecticut could stay so remarkably close for so long. Isn't this a deep-blue state? Wasn't Attorney General Richard Blumenthal supposed to be a popular Democrat? And his conservative opponent, Linda McMahon, isn't she the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment? Seriously? Political scientists would no doubt point to economic fundamentals: Unemployment in Connecticut is 9.4 percent, and voters are pissed off about it.

Your Guide to the New Hampshire Political Slugfest
September 09, 2010

In most of the major competitive Republican primaries this year, three interrelated factors—money, ideology, and influential backers—have been on display in eyecatching ways. The political furies of 2010 have lured an unprecedented number of self-funding neophytes onto the ballot; Meg Whitman, Rick Scott, and Linda McMahon being just the most profligate examples. It’s the rare Republican primary where most, if not all candidates decline to call themselves “true conservatives” and impugn the ideological purity of their opponents.

How Not To Spin Your Non-Plan
September 02, 2010

Linda McMahon says the budget should be balanced every year, recession included. But what would she cut? “I can certainly tell you I’m not adverse to talking in the right time or forum about what we need to do relative to our entitlements,” McMahon said in an interview. “I mean, Social Security is going to go bankrupt. Clearly, we have to strengthen that…I just don’t believe that the campaign trail is the right place to talk about that.“ There's a way to avoid giving specifics during a campaign. Outright saying you don't want to talk specifics during the campaign is not it.

Why Dems Are Happy About the Primaries and I'm Not
August 11, 2010

The early spin on last night's primaries is that it was a good night for the Democrats, largely because Republican voters in four states rallied behind candidates who, in the words of Politico, are "tarnished by scandal, gaffes or some other significant vulnerability." And when you think about the likes of Linda McMahon, the World Wrestling tycoon, running for the Senate from Connecticut, the spin makes a lot of sense. This morning McMahon was on "Good Morning America" and host George Stephanopoulos asked her whether she regretted anything she did during her tenure at WWE.

Tea Bags, Wind Bags, and Moneybags
August 05, 2010

So let’s say you’re a Republican politician who’s been working the far right side of the political highway for years, getting little national attention other than the occasional shout-out in Human Events. Or let’s say you’re a sketchy business buccaneer with a few million smackers burning a hole in your pocket, and you’ve decided that you’d like to live in the governor’s mansion for a while, but you can’t get the local GOP to see you as anything more than a walking checkbook who funds other people's dreams. What do you do?

The Moralist In Repose
June 08, 2010

Joe Lieberman has long been known as Washington's fiercest critic of popular culture: Last year, Mr. Lieberman said that if the entertainment industry ''continues to market death and degradation to our children and continues to pay no heed to the genuine bloodshed staining our communities, then one way or the other the government will act." Now it turns out that the Republican Senate candidate in Lieberman's home state, Linda McMahon, is the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, possibly the most violent, sexist, un-wholesome form of mainstream entertainment currently available.