Linda Sanchez

Democrats to Participate in GOP Benghazi Committee—Here's Why it's a Big Mistake
May 21, 2014

The idea that Democrats' very presence on the Benghazi committee will amount to a check on overreach is oddly blind to the events of the past year and a half.

The NFL Settlement Is Delayed, For The Wrong Reason
January 15, 2014

The NFL's concussions settlement was delayed. But the bad structure remains in place.

Sanchez For The Guy In The Wee Yellow Undies
January 08, 2007

At holiday events, various people brought up with me the question of whether social Washington has gotten more boring. The universal answer seems to be "yes" (although I grew up in rapidly-heating-up outpost McLean, so my own perception is kind of skewed). My impression is that the answer to this question has been yes for decades: The parties of yore were always livelier, the lips looser, the martinis stronger, the stunts trashier ... And then you read stuff like this (from Roll Call, so sus req): While Rep.