Unfathomable Life
January 01, 1996

From 1996, Helen Vendler reviews Szymborska's View with a Grain of Sand: Selected Poems.

World of Our Father
June 26, 1995

God: A Biography By Jack Miles (Knopf, 446 pp., $27.50) The Postmodern Bible By The Bible and Culture Collective (Yale University Press, 416 pp., $35) Jack Miles is a learned and original critic. In an age in which such belletristic skills are commonly regarded as irrelevant or even harmful to the true business of criticism, he knows what it is to be a writer. Unusually gifted critics will sometimes choose to write peculiar books, and this is what Miles has done. A reviewer can hardly help being preoccupied with its oddity, but before yielding to that temptation he ought to say that God: A Bio