Mark Pryor

Republicans Are Blocking Ratification of Even the Most Reasonable International Treaties
December 26, 2014

Why do they oppose the Arms Trade Treaty? Because the NRA tells them to.

GOP Candidate: Obama Created a "Minimum Wage Economy." That's Wrong.
September 05, 2014

It's a good line. If only it were true.

Screw Politics, Obama Should Act On Deportations as Soon as Possible
September 02, 2014

The case for delaying deportation relief for political reasons is very thin.

The GOP's Midterm Strategy Is as Hollow as Their Ideas Are
August 22, 2014

Meanwhile, Democrats are running on Obamacare—they're just not calling it that.

This Is How Democrats Win on Obamacare
August 21, 2014

An embattled Democrat in a deeply conservative state is touting the program's benefits. He may have the right idea.

New Poll Proves Conservatives Haven't Abandoned Their Unskewing Ways
April 23, 2014

Get ready for another months-long unskewing temper tantrum.

The Repeal Swindle
April 16, 2014

Repealing Obamacare is still their goal—they're just a little ashamed of it now.

Meritocracy Gone Wild
April 27, 2012

I hate it when somebody tells a joke and blows the punchline. The Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles auctioned off an internship in the office of Sen. Mark Pryor (D., Ark.)—without actual authorization from Pryor’s office, which the donor, a venture capitalist named Chad Brownstein, a Pryor pal, figured he could get later—and the winner was soft-porn entrepreneur and Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, who pledged to give it to the next winner of his current show, The Search For The Hottest Girl In America.

Democrat Self-Destruct Sequence, 5, 4, 3, 2...
July 28, 2010

First the good news: Via The Hill, Democratic leaders are thinking seriously about reforming the filibuster: Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate are pushing for filibuster reform at the start of the new Congress next year. And now the bad news:  Five Senate Democrats have said they will not support a lowering of the 60-vote bar necessary to pass legislation. Another four lawmakers say they are wary about such a change and would be hesitant to support it.

EPA Can Still Regulate CO2 (For Now)
June 10, 2010

So it looks like Lisa Murkowski's resolution to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases got shot down. The final vote was 47 to 53, with every Republican and six Dems voting in favor, including Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, Evan Bayh, Mark Pryor, and Jay Rockefeller. The line from most of these folks is that they want Congress, rather than the EPA, to take the lead on global warming. Trouble is, many of them won't vote for a climate bill, either.