Miriam Adelson

The Complicated Politics of Reporting on Female Mega-Donors
July 08, 2013

Why are so few of our political mega-donors female?

Tampa Dispatch: The GOP’s Ladies Room
August 29, 2012

TAMPA—Feeling a little addled by the mess of white tents, clueless volunteers, and hapless security of the GOP convention, ladies? Respite awaits at Tampa’s “Woman Up Pavilion,” a convention-week oasis located just a few doors down from the Hooters in a Tampa shopping center. Inside, guests can attend panels on social media and space exploration, or simply while away the time sipping signature cocktails—the “Lady Lemonade,” say, or the “Woman Uptini,” made of Grey Goose L’orange, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry.

Just How Influential Is the Christian Right?
February 18, 2012

My old student, that is, my former student from four-plus decades ago, Michael Kazin, has written that the long life of the Christian Right has come to an end. It certainly has lost its old “failsafe” battles. I have no nostalgia at all for the hardened hearts and mellifluous voices which judged intricate human dilemmas through dogma, through harsh dogma, at that. It’s odd, though—isn’t it?—that black churches, rarely labeled as “right anything,” are among the places where same-sex marriage, even the idea of same-sex sex, runs into trouble, big trouble.