National Security

The National Security State Simply Isn’t a Winning Issue for Politicians—On Either Side of the Aisle
July 18, 2014

Voters, Slate’s David Weigel argues, just see the secret programs as another example of broad government incompetence. 

Why Is the U.S. So Stingy With Its Drones? It's Costing Us.
It's time to reexamine laws about selling UAVs to other countries
July 02, 2014

It's time to reexamine laws about selling UAVs to other countries.

Bob Woodward Shows His Anti-Obama Bias
January 07, 2014

A scoop about Robert Gates' criticisms of Obama says more about Woodward than anyone else.

The Media's Arrogant Defense of Leaks
October 30, 2013

I'd rather have government than media determine who should leak

Chart: The Anti-NSA Rally Was So Politically Diverse, Even a Pirate Attended
October 27, 2013

On Saturday, thousands gathered in front of the Capitol Building for the celebrity-endorsed Stop Watching Us rally.

Three Deep Flaws in Two New Human-Rights Reports on U.S. Drone Strikes
October 24, 2013

Two leading human rights NGOs, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, released separate reports on U.S. drone warfare this week. They were focused on different places geographically—Amnesty’s report, “Will I be next? U.S.

Threatening Not to Raise the Debt Ceiling Is a National Security Issue, Too
October 16, 2013

If a body other than the Congress of the United States were actively contemplating a step that would, by the accounts of virtually all economists, tank the U.S.