Nicolas Maduro

The Most Outrageous Lie in Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's New York Times Op-Ed
April 02, 2014

Imagine if Barack Obama claimed that he created Social Security.

The Venezuelan Protests Are Playing Right Into the Regime's Hands
March 10, 2014

This is the crisis that eases the passage from hybrid regime to Cuban-style dictatorship.

The U.S. Was Ready to Impose Sanctions on Ukraine. Why Not Venezuela, Too?
February 28, 2014

Once again, realpolitik trumps human rights.

Venezuela's Bloody Crisis Was Years in the Making—and Could Have Been Avoided
February 24, 2014

This is what happens when one man has too much power.

Venezuela's Controversial Election Results Are Only the Start of Its Troubles
April 15, 2013

CARACAS, Venezuela — The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez always had superb political timing. His initial election in 1998 coincided with the lowest oil prices in decades, and he rode a steady rise in prices to a nearly impregnable, petrodollar-