Data-Driven Policing
Communities don’t need to be friends with cops. They need transparency.
May 18, 2015

National databases for police incidents are a step closer.

President Obama’s Unproductive Statements About His Productive Immigration Policy
His executive order wasn't an executive overreach
February 19, 2015

President Obama's executive order wasn't an overreach.

Obama Isn't Ready to Give Up His Broad War Powers
February 12, 2015

His new war authorization against ISIS is too open-ended.

Christie's Cynical Appeal to Anti-Vaxxers Is Shockingly Irresponsible
February 02, 2015

Chris Christie wants parents to have more choices. Obama wants them to make the right ones.

The GOP Reaction to Obama's Immigration Order Will Be Way More Damaging Than They Realize
November 21, 2014

If you think you understand self-sabotage, just wait till you contemplate this. 

The U.S. Is Still Violating the Anti-Torture Treaty It Signed 20 Years Ago
October 21, 2014

And with good reason—we've been egregiously violating our treaty on torture for years. 

Obama's Former Muslim Advisor Assesses Whether He's Lived Up to His Cairo Speech
October 19, 2014

Obama came into office promising to improve relations with the Muslim world. It didn't go exactly as planned.

Obama Is Siding Against Workers at the Supreme Court
And the reason may have nothing to do with the law
October 08, 2014

The Obama administration seems to think so.

Obama Deserves Credit, Not Criticism, for His Recent Immigration Record
October 02, 2014

There's a reason you don't hear about the "border crisis" anymore.