Omar al-Bashir

What Should Obama Do In Darfur?
March 06, 2009

                                     Following years of tyranny, the International Criminal Court on Wednesday issued a warrant for the arrest of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. He stands charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the past several years of violence in the nation's troubled region of Darfur. Today's TNR slideshow brings you reactions from around the world.

Why Is Turkey Hosting Bashir?
August 21, 2008

  President Omar al-Bashir didn't say anything new. The Associated Press reported on Thursday that the chief executive of Sudan denied that his regime was carrying out a genocide, yes, a real genocide, against the blacks of Darfur, saying, in any case, that the number of dead was less than 300,000? Omar, sorry. Was it 250,000? Or do you want to keep the number down to no more than 200,000?