Israel's Deadly Invasion of Gaza Is Morally Justified
July 21, 2014

Morality demands that Israel fight this war, but allows no way to fight it.

Israel at War With Hamas and Itself
The ugly realities of murders and missiles
July 16, 2014

The ugly realities of murders and missiles.

The Revenge Killing in Israel Has Resurrected Jewish Demons
A report from Jerusalem, where there's a frightening resignation in the face of racism
July 07, 2014

A report from Jerusalem, where there's a frightening resignation in the face of racism.

Why Are the Irish Increasingly Siding With Palestine Over Israel?
May 20, 2014

Most Irish people know exactly what they think of Israel and Palestine—and aren’t afraid to tell anyone.

John Kerry Doomed the Israeli-Palestinian Talks by Refusing to Consider a Transition Agreement
May 12, 2014

The American team has pushed the Palestinians to sign an agreement they are clearly not ready for.

American Jewry Is Doomed If It Can't Embrace J Street
May 02, 2014

American Jews cannot afford to shut out voices of criticism and renewal like those of J Street in the hope that the fundamental conflict between the path of Israel and the path of American Jews will somehow disappear.

A New (and Plausible) Plan for Peace
Enough with the White House lawn ceremonies. Here's a real way forward.
April 28, 2014

Forget White House signing ceremonies. The New Peace is about interdependence and economics.

Five Lessons That Could Save John Kerry's Peace-Process Efforts
Negotiating like Jim Baker
April 07, 2014

There are Americans whose negotiating tactics have actually worked in the Middle East. John Kerry should be like them.

John Kerry's Peace Process Is Nearly Dead
And the fault is mostly Netanyahu's
March 25, 2014

And the fault is mostly Benjamin Netanyahu's.