Paul Krugman

Ron Fournier Attacks Paul Krugman, Embarrasses Self
May 05, 2014

The poor man is ailing from a condition known as bipartisanship (medical name: vacuousness), which manifests when any expresses a thought that can be deemed partisan.

The Economist Was a Rock Star
Thomas Piketty isn’t just a brilliant economist; he’s a fantastic storyteller
April 17, 2014

French economist Thomas Piketty drew Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, and hundreds of eager fans when he appeared in New York City last night. It's because he has found the most compelling explanation yet for inequality.

Paul Krugman’s 'Big' New Salary Doesn’t Make Him a Hypocrite
It doesn’t even make him that rich!
April 16, 2014

Paul Krugman will make $250,000 when joins City University of New York to work on inequality issues. Ironic? Nope, just the way things work.

Stop Beating Up on Nate Silver!
March 30, 2014

His willingness to try a new form of journalism is something that all journalists should support.

I'm Not a Sadist, You Sadists!
Anti-austerians: Probably wrong about the debt, certainly wrong about me
May 21, 2013

Anti-austerians are probably wrong about the debt, and certainly wrong about me

Paul Krugman's Misguided Moral Crusade Against Austerity
May 16, 2013

Feeling perhaps that columnist Paul Krugman hasn't made the point emphatically enough, The New York Times Monday published an op-ed shocker by two academics with the title, "How Austerity Kills." Kills? Yes, kills.

Give Me Austerity!
And stimulus. And also some amnesia
May 10, 2013

That is the overly simplistic question.

Anthony Lewis: The Paul Krugman of His Time—And Then Some
March 26, 2013

You didn’t have to agree with the longtime New York Times columnist to admire his relentlessness.

The Spending Problem We Don't Have—and the One We Do
Joe Scarborough is right about the deficit, but wrong about the solution
February 12, 2013

Joe Scarborough is right about the deficit, but wrong about the solution.

Paul Krugman vs. Joseph Stiglitz
How income inequality could be slowing our recovery from the Great Recession
January 30, 2013

Given today’s report of economic contraction, it’s worth tuning in to a recent debate between liberal economists Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman.