Strangely Beautiful Photos of Tiny Bugs
July 23, 2014

Using science to photograph the tiniest beetles.

This Sculptor Piles People on Top of Each Other to Make Art
July 22, 2014

And rethinking public spaces in the process.

Taylor Swift May Be Right About the Death of the Autograph
But some people now want their selfies signed
July 11, 2014

And serious autograph collectors are not happy about it.

Is This the Political Photo of the Year?
July 11, 2014

At the very least, it's the most provocative image uploaded to the White House Flickr feed in 2014.

Before and After Photos Show How Devastating the Germany Loss Was for Average Brazilians
Matthew Niederhauser's Photo Diary, Day 13
July 09, 2014

No rioting, and not much to say—yet—as fans absorb the massacre at the Mineirão 

The Limits of Human Domination, in the American West and Beyond
July 03, 2014

A photographic survey of the many facets of human relationships to the land.

Daily Life of Indigenous Cultures in Seven Beautiful Scenes
June 25, 2014

Pierre de Vallombreuse traveled around the world, photographing indigneous communities from Greenland to Borneo.

The Case of the Disappearing Woman
What we see when we look at a woman in hijab
June 22, 2014

What we see when we look at a woman in hijab.

Striking Images of Brazil's Love-Hate Relationship with This World Cup
Matthew Niederhauser's photo diary: Day One.
June 13, 2014

Matthew Niederhauser's World Cup photo diary: Day One. 

These Faceless Women Are Utterly Unique
June 13, 2014

Spin a woman around to make a statement.