Solar Power Could Provide Almost One-Third of World's Electricity Within a Few Decades
So stop making fun of it, OK?
September 30, 2014

New reports reveal it could wean us off coal, as long as we take action now.

Conservatives Are Furious Over the New A.P. History Curriculum
They want less bashing of America, more hailing of American ideals
September 29, 2014

And worried that it condones civil disorder

ALEC Can't Hold On To Its Tech Giants Anymore
September 25, 2014

At least ALEC should have no problem retaining ExxonMobil's generosity.

Obamacare Is Such a Disaster That Even More Insurers Want to Be Part of It
That train is going to wreck. Really. Any day now.
September 24, 2014

The program still has plenty of bad news days. This wasn't one of them.

What Really Matters in the Ray Rice Saga Is Not the Culpability of the Baltimore Ravens
It's whether the NFL commits to combat domestic violence
September 23, 2014

It's whether the NFL commits to combat domestic violence

300,000 People Just Marched About Climate Change. Will It Matter?
September 22, 2014

There's lots of work to do. But Sunday's march in New York shows lots of people want action.

You'll Never Guess What House Republicans Just Did
They passed a child care bill. And it's a good one.
September 19, 2014

They passed a bill. A good one. That helps families.

Too Many Americans Think Spanking Is an Acceptable Form of Discipline
September 18, 2014

The psychiatric profession agrees: it hurts children and isn't effective.