Raul Labrador

Congress' Recess Is a Critical Time for Immigration Reform
August 08, 2013

Luis Guitierrez has all the makings of a primo pitchman for immigration reform. Few members of Congress have been hounding the party leadership to reform the system for as long as the Chicago representative of two decades.

The Unmagnificent Seven
June 06, 2013

Raúl Labrador has quit the House Gang of Eight. That doesn't bode well for immigration reform.

Why Is John Boehner Still In the Room?
July 12, 2011

Ever since the 2010 elections, I've been saying that John Boehner's speakership was living on borrowed time. At some point the compromises he'd have to make to avoid political overreach would make him break faith with the maximalist demands of the House GOP caucus. I suppose there's an alternative scenario, which could last for some period of time, in which Boehner keeps his title but simply lacks any authority: The House majority leader’s voice was heard most often in Sunday night and Monday afternoon debt-limit negotiations at the White House.

The Revisionaries
September 02, 2010

It seemed unthinkable that Vaughn Ward wouldn’t, someday, be a U.S. congressman. The decorated Iraq war vet had been handpicked by national Republicans to run against endangered Democrat Walt Minnick for Idaho’s first congressional district. Although he was somewhat gaffe-prone (he had an unfortunate tendency to plagiarize campaign speeches from sources like Barack Obama, for instance), Ward had the boyish good looks, the résumé, and—best of all, for one of the reddest states in the country—Sarah Palin’s blessing.