Reince Priebus

Donald Trump Has the Republican Party in the Palm of His Hand
September 04, 2015 8:26 AM

The only question now is: Will he blow out his competition, or will Ben Carson make it competitive?

Tonight’s Republican Debate Is the Party’s Worst Nightmare
August 06, 2015

The circus is back in town, despite the GOP's promise to learn from the 2012 disaster.

The GOP's Midterm Strategy Is a Lot Like "Seinfeld"
October 03, 2014

It's a campaign about nothing—but way less funny.

Republicans Are Ignoring Positive Economic Signs at Their Own Peril
July 03, 2014

They basically disregarded Thursday's strong jobs report in its entirety.

Reince Priebus's Plan Recommends Not Behaving Like Reince Priebus
March 18, 2013

There's a startling lack of self-awareness in the GOP's growth plan.

Has Benghazi Opportunism Run Its Course?
October 21, 2012

Will Romney keep trying to score points off of the Benghazi attack at the final debate, or has the Libya card played itself out?

Why Romney’s Convention Won’t Help Him Win Ohio
August 31, 2012

It's very hard to see how Romney wins without Ohio, where Obama just scored a big voting rights win. Did this week's convention help Mitt with that?

In Ohio, A Showdown Over Whether to “Accommodate the Urban—Read African-American—Voter-Turnout Machine”
August 20, 2012

There's a showdown unfolding in Ohio, where Democratic elections officials in Dayton are refusing an order by the Republican Secretary of State.

Mitt Romney's Astoundingly Cynical Medicare Strategy
August 12, 2012

Romney and Ryan defend themselves by attacking Obamacare's Medicare cuts. Just one problem: Romney and Ryan endorsed those cuts, too.