Rudy Giuliani


If, several decades from now, anthropologists set out to locate the spiritual hub of early twenty-first-century Washington, they could do worse than the Caucus Room, that bunker of a steakhouse across from the FBI building downtown. Founded seven years ago by a bipartisan klatch of moneymen and influence-peddlers--among them, famed lobbyist Tommy Boggs, Bush-family henchman C. Boyden Gray, and Clinton fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe--the restaurant caters to the bland appetites and bulging egos of Washington's expense-account elite.



From AP: Rudy Giuliani was on the trans-Atlantic campaign trail Wednesday, schmoozing with conservative idol Margaret Thatcher and bragging about his international credentials. "I'm probably one of the four or five best known Americans in the world," Giuliani told a small group of reporters at a posh London hotel as onlookers gathered in the lobby to gawk at actor Dustin Hoffman, who was on a separate visit.... But who are the four other best-known Americans? "Bill Clinton ...


Rudy In Hostile Territory

I went to Rudy Giuliani's speech at the NRA's "Celebration of American Values" in Washington today and found his pitch to be pretty shrewd. The heart of Giuliani's case was that he and the NRA faithful share a similar set of, well, values, even if they operationalize them in different ways. Giuliani dwelled on how his work as mayor and U.S. attorney focused mostly on fighting crime and restoring order, which was similar to the rationale a lot of the more orthodox speakers offered up in defense of gun ownership.


Dobson's Dilemma

Andrew calls attention to Christian Right grand poobah James Dobson's wh*ithering assessment of Fred Thompson. And the Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody reads the tea leaves: So for those scoring at home, let's keep track shall we? Dr. Dobson says no to Thompson, no to Giuliani, no to McCain. Who does that leave? Oh, wait . . . who's raising their hand and jumping up and down in the back of the room? Hey, that's Mitt Romney! He says "what about me?". It may be very hard for Dr.


Straw Man

Noam Scheiber on Mitt Romney’s flimsy 2008 campaign.


Freedom's False Ring

Rudy Giuliani says, "Preserving and extending American ideals must remain the goal of all U.S. policy, foreign and domestic," and he's not alone. Lots of our leaders think everyone should want what we want. Saying otherwise puts you among President Bush's vile "some," who deny that "every time people are given a choice, they choose freedom." Yet people--even Americans--sometimes don't, and forcing them can prove disastrous. Or such is the theme of a brace of new books by a couple of non-Americans nervous about U.S.


The Drag Vote

Here's an interesting snippet from Peter J. Boyer's profile of Rudy Giuliani in this week's New Yorker, regarding Giuliani confidante Elliot Cuker, a "classic automobile" salesman: It was Cuker who was responsible for Giuliani's turns in drag, which have also become a YouTube staple. "I am the one who convinced him that it would be a great idea to put him in a dress, soften him up, and help him get the gay vote," Cuker says. "And, ultimately, it was his biggest bonus, because he got the gay vote-and the conservatives, who couldn't believe that he had the balls to do something like that.


Rudy And 9/11

Wayne Barrett has a fantastic article in the Village Voice that absolutely devastates Rudy Giuliani's claims about fighting terrorism. It's long and meaty, obviously rooted in his research for his new book, with Dan Collins, called "Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11." I'm shocked this article has not received more attention. Using deep reporting, it simply takes Giuliani's claims apart piece by piece. If the facts in this article were absorbed by the public, or even campaign journalists, Giuliani's presidential campaign would be over. --Jonathan Chait

Giulianis For Barack

Slate has the Facebook-attained news that Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline, who starts her freshman year at Harvard next month, was until early this morning a member of the Facebook group "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)." Her estrangement from her father is hardly a secret: New York wrote that Caroline reportedly didn't tell her father when she was accepted at Harvard, and Vanity Fair's recent profile of Judith Giuliani quotes "a source friendly to Giuliani" saying "Caroline is silent, but she was very traumatized by [her parents'] divorce." Caroline's Facebook profile also desc


Rudy Is Anti-choice

I'll have more to say about Rudy Giuliani's health care proposals soon. But, in the meantime, here's one quick thought. Among his principles for reform is a proposal that would allow consumers to buy insurance from out-of-state sellers. The argument for this approach goes like this: States have all sorts of regulations on health insurance. These regulations make health insurance more expensive. But some states have fewer regulations -- so, if you would like, you should be able to get insurance from another state, where the relative lack of regulations will make insurance cheaper.