The Spy Who Shot Himself in the Foot
May 14, 2013

Would the CIA really send out a spy in an amateurish blond wig? Yes, experts say: They would.

Foreigners in Their Own Land
May 06, 2013

Will Monday's Anti-Putin Protest in Moscow Revive the Movement?

The Tsarnaev Women Tell Chechnya's Story
May 06, 2013

If you want to understand their homeland, study not the Boston suspects but their aunt and mother.

We Told You So
April 21, 2013

How Russia responded to the Boston bombings

The Boston Bombing Suspects Were Reared by Both Chechnya and America
April 19, 2013

The Boston bombing suspects were reared by both Chechnya and America.

The Murky Morality of the Magnitsky List
April 15, 2013

Should the U.S. ban the entry of Russians implicated in Sergei Magnitsky's death?

What Tim Geithner Could Have Learned From Cyprus
March 25, 2013

Sure, Cyprus' government is comically inept. Their bailout still beat ours. Here's why.

Saving Cyprustan
March 24, 2013

For Russia, spending a few billion bucks on a bailout could have bought an ally.

Neigh Gourmet
March 04, 2013

I’m just going to come out and say it: I love horsemeat. It’s lean, yet tender, it is flavorful but not gamy; it’s delicious. Those IKEA meatball-eaters have no idea how lucky they are.

E.T. in the Age of the Cellphone Camera
February 19, 2013

UFO believers used to cite grainy images as proof of visiting spaceships. But scores of people captured the Russian meteor strike via cellphone video cameras. Cheap and ubiquitous, that technology has changed the nature of proof for unusual phenomena. Which may be bad news for those UFO hunters.