Scott Walker

The Latest Political Plagiarism Scandal Defines Plagiarism Way, Way Down
September 19, 2014

Copying boilerplate without citation is plagiarism if you're a journalist. If you're a pol, it's part of the job.

Scott Walker's Race for Governor Could Shape U.S. Politics for Years to Come
August 25, 2014

Stop obsessing over the Senate. Wisconsin is the real battleground.

Conservatives Are Sacrificing Scott Walker for a Higher Cause
They want to eradicate fundraising restrictions—even if it costs the governor his job
June 24, 2014

They want to eradicate fundraising restrictions—even if it costs the governor his job.

What Rush Limbaugh Got Wrong About My Scott Walker Cover Story
Addressing his and other criticisms of the controversial article
June 24, 2014

Our latest cover story seems to have struck quite a nerve.

Scott Walker's Conservative Bubble Shielded Him. Now It Might Sink Him.
June 19, 2014

Boast-filled emails to Karl Rove are never a good idea.

A Guide to Scott Walker's Hyperpolarized Home Base
June 15, 2014

Scott Walker’s home turf has racial and political divisions that are more extreme than those of nearly any other Midwestern or Northern city.

The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker
A journey through the poisonous, racially divided world that produced a Republican star
June 15, 2014

A journey through the poisonous, racially divided world that produced a Republican star.

The GOP's Jeb Bush Flirtation Is a Big Rebuke of the GOP
April 14, 2014

It's almost like his establishment backers think a guy who's been out of office for seven years is more attractive than all the supposed rock stars the party has in place today...

The Loneliest Man in the Room
Chris Christie came to CPAC with nothing to offer conservatives
March 06, 2014


What Scott Walker's Email Scandal Shares With Chris Christie's Bridge Scandal: The Permanent Campaign
February 20, 2014

Since when did government become about nothing but the next election?