Shepard Fairey

The Battleground
May 18, 2012

Lodge 141 of the Fraternal Order of Police is housed, along with 446 jail cells, inside the Mahoning County Justice Center, a forbidding brick and steel hulk at the edge of the frayed downtown of Youngstown, Ohio. It’s a humble office, but its proprietors have embellished it with a number of rather pointed political decorations.

The Perils Of Mainstream Success
February 09, 2009

Rough week for Shepard Fairey, the celebrated street artist whose Obama icon poster catapaulted him to a whole new level of fame. First, the AP, which owns the copyright on the Obama photo Fairey used for his poster, announced that it wanted credit and compensation from Fairey. Then, on Friday, Fairey was arrested by Boston police on graffiti charges. The cops knew where to find him: they nabbed Fairey at the opening of the first major museum exhibition of his work. Success has a posse. --Jason Zengerle