You Won’t BELIEVE These Weather Channel Headlines!
How a network went from chasing storms to chasing clicks
January 02, 2014

By naming winter storms and creating viral web content, The Weather Channel has transitioned into the modern media age.

Florida Pythons: Now Even More Out Of Control
September 22, 2009

For the last 15 years, the Burmese python has been the biggest, most ruthless snake in South Florida. The python's not exactly native to the region—it's an invasive species, imported from abroad, gradually introduced into the wild after hurricanes start ripping apart the state's many "exotic species" shops, or after various python-owners grew weary of their 200-pound pets and set them free. So the pythons have now made the Everglades their home, and are wreaking all sorts of python havoc, chowing down on local wildlife and endangered species like the Key Largo wood rat.