Bowe Bergdahl Wasn't a "Coward"
March 27, 2015

Before you reach for one of the most serious epithets in the language, make sure it fits.

What Pakistan Must Do to Rid Itself of Violent Extremism
December 17, 2014

The country's moment of reckoning has arrived.

The Account of How We Nearly Caught Osama bin Laden in 2001
August 25, 2014

We nearly captured Osama bin Laden just three months after the September 11 attacks.

Conservative Critics of the Bergdahl-Taliban Swap Have Some Explaining to Do
June 03, 2014

Most conservatives aren't arguing that the U.S. should have left Bowe Bergdahl behind, but it's the inescapable conclusion of their opportunistic critique.

Talks With the Taliban: First Failure, Then Humiliation
February 04, 2014

Since it became apparent several years ago that both the Afghan and Pakistani states were either unable or unwilling to wage full-on war against the Taliban groups that plague both countries, the word on every diplomat's list has been "talks." Sittin

"When the Talib Said, 'Which One of You is Malala,' I Squeezed My Friend's Hand"
October 05, 2013

One way: to recover as gracefully as 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai has from being shot in the face

The Heroism of Malala
July 12, 2013

This morning, Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist the Taliban shot in the head in 2012 in an attempt to silence her crusade for girls’ education, addressed the United Nations in her first public speech since her attempted assasination.

The Last Men
December 21, 2012

Charlie Troop had six months to save a forgotten Afghan district. But what, and who, would they leave behind?

Paul Ryan, Global Thinker?
November 28, 2012

There was some question as to whether Paul Ryan's intellectual reputation would survive 2012. Judging from Foreign Policy magazine, it has.

Why the Taliban Shot the Schoolgirl
October 19, 2012

In Pakistan, and Afghanistan, the struggle for gender equality is the campaign against totalitarianism.