Amazon's Drones and the Problem of "Disrupting" Transportation
December 02, 2013

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my mother told a story about my grandmother's college days. She went to school in Washington, D.C., but she sent her laundry back to her parents in Cleveland.

This Man Made a Gun with Stuff You Can Buy at the Airport
November 30, 2013

This piece originally appeared on The worst thing about going through airport security and having, say, your sweet, sweet honey confiscated, is that you can probably buy a replacement from at least one of the shops in the area betwe

Viral video philosopher Jason Silva: "We're going to cure aging"
November 22, 2013

Meet the worlds greatest techno-optimist.

LinkedIn’s New Network for Teens Is a Wasted Opportunity
October 30, 2013

LinkedIn's play for college-bound teens mimics the worst of the college-admissions racket

If You Want to Talk Like a Silicon Valley CEO, Learn This Phrase
"Dude, they should have spent more time dogfooding that app!"
October 28, 2013

"Dude, they should have spent more time dogfooding that app!"

We Need an Invasive NSA
October 10, 2013

It’s the best way to stave off the oncoming onslaught of cyber-attacks.

The Next Time Someone Tells You Books Are Doomed, Show Them These Numbers
October 08, 2013

Shrinking Industry? The numbers would prove otherwise. 

College Diplomas are Meaningless. This is How to Fix Them.
Design specs for upgrading the communications device formerly known as the sheepskin
September 15, 2013

Every year, millions of Americans embark on the quest to earn a four-year college degree. Many motives propel them. They go to acquire skills and knowledge from experts in their fields.

The Obama Campaign Helped Create a New Map of Understanding. Here's How Others Can Use It.
September 07, 2013

Where we are and how we are connected to others are fundamental to our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Proposal: An EZ-Pass System for Restaurants
Where fine dining meets the Irish goodbye
September 04, 2013

Where fine dining meets the Irish goodbye.