Ted Cruz

Ever Wondered What It'd Be Like to Go On a First Date With Ted Cruz?
October 23, 2013

According to his wife, as relayed to the New York Times' Ashley Parker, it would be an awful lot like a job interview:Their first date was at a bar called the Bitter End, and it lasted for hours as her young suitor, Mrs.

Is Ted Cruz Emerging from the Shutdown a Winner?
October 18, 2013

In the wake of the government shutdown, it’s clear that Senator Ted Cruz has angered some members of his own party.

How Obama, Reid, and Pelosi Stopped Republican Extortion
Three reasons the Democrats won
October 17, 2013

It’s over. The Senate voted yes. The House voted yes. President Obama signed the bill and, on Thursday, the federal government is open for business again.

Pundits Are Running Out of Lunatics to Compare with Republicans
Find a disturbing historical analogy before they're all taken!
October 15, 2013

Trotsky? Taken. Col. Kurtz? Spoken for. The punditocracy is dangerously low on unique historical analogues for the GOP.

Obamacare Would Save My Family a Fortune, But the Politics Make Me Scared to Buy It
October 06, 2013

Her husband has a pre-existing condition. If she bought an ACA policy, and the ACA was repaled, would she be able to get her old plan back?

The 12 Craziest Things Ever Said About Obamacare
October 06, 2013

Is anyone else bummed out by the shutdown?

Ted Cruz Is a Wacko Bird of His Party's Own Making
September 26, 2013

For his 21-hour floor speech decrying Obamacare, Ted Cruz is catching heat from a lot of his fellow Republicans. In the Senate, they disdain his not-quite-filibuster as grandstanding.

Cruz May Be Hammy, But He's Also Bringing the Beef
September 25, 2013

“I call it a phonybuster,” the inimitable Sen. Chuck Schumer told The Washington Post’s Jason Horowitz Tuesday afternoon. “Because we’ll vote at noon whether he speaks or not.”

The Republican Party's Wacko Birds are Also Its Policy Wonks
September 23, 2013

Frank Rich has a somewhat surprising essay in New York magazine in which he makes the case that Rand Paul has been an important and valuable presence in the Senate.

The House GOP Is About to Crack Up: Three Theories Why
September 12, 2013

Lots of people think John Boehner has lost control of the House Republican caucus. Apparently John Boehner does, too.