The Thai Government Is Whitewashing the Bangkok Bombing to Reassure Tourists
August 27, 2015

The government has done everything in its power to convince the public that there's nothing to see here, everything is fine, let's all move on.

The Jihadist of Copenhagen
August 02, 2015

Why a young man in one of the happiest countries on earth committed a brutal act of terrorism.


After New Nigerian War Crimes Allegations, U.S. Should Think Twice About Deeper Military Ties
June 04, 2015

Perhaps the U.S. should proceed with caution in the wake of the new Amnesty International report.

Could the Boston Marathon Bomber Receive a Fair Trial in Boston?
May 19, 2015

All Bostonians were affected by the attack. 

The Aesthetic Failure of 'Charlie Hebdo'
May 08, 2015

The French satirical magazine refuses to evolve, using a stale artistic strategy from the 1960s.

Pamela Geller Is Not "Morally Responsible" for the Terrorist Attack in Texas
May 07, 2015

The defense of free expression should become stronger in the face of violent threats, not weaker.  

How Did Everybody Suddenly Become an Expert on French Visual Satire?
May 06, 2015

'Charlie Hebdo' is a complicated issue, so it's worth going to informed sources, not instant experts.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Sentencing Is Putting Everyone Through Hell
April 27, 2015

We shouldn't have to relive terrorist acts in such graphic detail to determine their punishment.

The Supreme Court Needs to Decide: Can Victims Sue Chiquita For Sponsoring Terrorism?
April 09, 2015

How much can U.S. companies get away with abroad? 

U.S. Prosecutors Have Risked a Show Trial for the Chance to Execute Dzhokar Tsarnaev
April 08, 2015

Was putting Boston through this trial worth it, when the defense would have agreed to a life sentence?