The Supreme Court Needs to Decide: Can Victims Sue Chiquita For Sponsoring Terrorism?
April 09, 2015

How much can U.S. companies get away with abroad? 

U.S. Prosecutors Have Risked a Show Trial for the Chance to Execute Dzhokar Tsarnaev
April 08, 2015

Was putting Boston through this trial worth it, when the defense would have agreed to a life sentence? 

How Islamic Is the Islamic State? Not at All.
What The Atlantic got wrong about ISIS
March 12, 2015

What The Atlantic magazine got wrong about ISIS.

The Islamic State Is Losing Iraq
A report from the war-torn country
February 27, 2015

A report from the war-torn country.

The Media Is Misinterpreting the ISIS Arrests in Brooklyn
The Islamic State won’t find a foothold in central Asia
February 27, 2015

How the vodka-and-sausage Muslims of central Asia are thwarting radicals there.

Why Is the Wall Street Journal Dismissing Colombia's War Crimes?
February 24, 2015

The military has been murdering civilians and dressing them up as guerrillas.

"If You Kill the People They'll Be Against You"
An interview with Bashar al Assad
February 14, 2015

An interview with Syria's Bashar al Assad.

Obama Isn't Ready to Give Up His Broad War Powers
February 12, 2015

His new war authorization against ISIS is too open-ended.

Obama Is Right: Climate Change Kills More People Than Terrorism
February 11, 2015

Climate change is a globally destabilizing force.

Oscar-Nominated 'Timbuktu' Shows the Terrors of Life Under Islamist Extremism
February 09, 2015

For the characters of "Timbuktu," religious extremism isn't a news segment, but everyday life.