The Supreme Court Isn't Likely to Stop Texas' Xenophobic Voting Laws
October 20, 2014

Texas Republicans fear that Hispanics are poised to take over their state.

The Supreme Court Might Finally Stop the Assault on Reproductive Rights
October 15, 2014

But is the reprieve temporary or permanent? Here are the clues

A Nurse Should Not Have Contracted Ebola. We Need New Policies.
October 13, 2014

It's clear that something went wrong. 

Stop Freaking Out About America's Single Ebola Death, and Start Worrying About West Africa
October 08, 2014

Airport scrutiny is fine, but to contain the disease we'll have to do it overseas.

Getting an Abortion Is No More Dangerous Than Running a Marathon
October 07, 2014

But Texas is citing "patient safety" to enforce its bogus new abortion laws. 

Voter ID Laws Are Costing Taxpayers Millions
October 03, 2014

Research shows they impose costs, effectively discouraging low-income people from exercising their right to vote.

The Biggest Question About Texas' Mysterious Ebola Case
Why didn't a hospital recognize Ebola the first time?
October 01, 2014

He had the symptoms and he'd been to infected areas. The CDC had told hospitals to watch for people like him.

Airport Screening Would Not Have Stopped Ebola at the U.S. Border
Asymptomatic patients make the virus tough to detect
October 01, 2014

That isn't how Ebola works.