Tiananmen Square

Christopher Columbus Was Both a Crusader and a Villain
October 13, 2014

Yes, he did terrible things. Here's the full story. 

"I Think It's Already Been Forgotten"
June 03, 2014

“The government succeeded. We’ve been brainwashed.”


Twenty-Five Years After Tiananmen, China's Repression Is Worse Than Ever
June 03, 2014

The government has refused dialogue with its citizens ever since.

More On Freeman
March 05, 2009

Jon hardly needs my help in his debate with Stephen Walt and company over Chas Freeman. But I have a proposition: Instead of endlessly speculating about the underlying motivations of Freeman's critics--which is a somewhat silly game since those motivations probably vary wildly--why don't Walt and others answer a very simple question: Do they or do they not find Freeman's views on Tiananmen Square alarming?

The End of the End of History
April 23, 2008

  I. In the early 1990s, optimism was understandable. The collapse of the communist empire and the apparent embrace of democracy by Russia seemed to augur a new era of global convergence. The great adversaries of the Cold War suddenly shared many common goals, including a desire for economic and political integration. Even after the political crackdown that began in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and the disturbing signs of instability that appeared in Russia after 1993, most Americans and Europeans believed that China and Russia were on a path toward liberalism.

The Olympics Torched
March 26, 2008

It has been said that the upcoming Olympic Games will effectively open up China to the world--and thus to democracy--and that the members of Communist Party's inner circle, knowing that China will be observed and scrutinized as never before, will find it in their best interests to present a good image of their regime. In reality, we find that the exact opposite has occurred. They have expelled the poor and the unproductive from the cities. They have accelerated their demolition of the "hutongs," working-class neighborhoods, in the center of Beijing. In fact, they have increased the number of h

Thank You For Sharing
June 05, 2006

Now celebrating her twentieth year as the host of the world's most influential talk show, Oprah Winfrey is to television what Bach is to music, Giotto to painting, Joyce to literature. Time magazine hit the nail on the head when it recently voted her one of the world's handful of "leaders and revolutionaries." (Condoleezza Rice wrote Oprah's citation: "She has struggled with many of the challenges that we all face, and she has transformed her life. Her message is empowering: I did it, and so can you.") Like all seminal creative figures, her essential gift lies in her synthesizing power.