Tim Russert

Luke Russert is the Golden Boy of This Town
August 01, 2013

As last winter’s congressional budget talks collapsed with the debt limit on the horizon, 27-year-old Luke Russert put the situation in perspective for MSNBC.

Is Mark Leibovich Too Soft on Washington? (An Interview)
July 16, 2013

Leibovich on Washington cynicism, 'House of Cards,' 'Veep,' and whether he is too much of an insider to write the book.

The Pseudo List
November 03, 2011


Why Lieberman Has Always Grated on Me
December 14, 2009

As long as we're all psycholanalyzing Joe Lieberman today, I figured I'd chip in my own two cents. What's always bugged me about Lieberman is that he's completely and transparently self-interested (not so different from a lot of politicians in that way), but fanatically committed to the idea that he's motivated entirely by altruism or public-spiritedness. Worse, the lengths to which he goes to insist on the latter when the former is blindingly obvious are downright comical.

The Socks Don't Lie
December 29, 2008

I'm reluctant to speak ill of the dead, but Tom Brokaw's tribute to Tim Russert in the New York Times Magazine's "The Lives They Lived" issue was ridiculous. The problem wasn't that Brokaw had good things to say about the late Russert; the two men were friends and it's only right that Brokaw would choose to remember his friend warmly. Rather, the problem with the piece was that, in Brokaw's insistence that Russert was to politics as John Madden is to football, it was little more than one multimillionaire TV anchor hailing the "working-class wisdom" of another multimillionaire TV anchor.

Sally Quinn's Controversial Communion: WWJD?
June 25, 2008

Sally Quinn, co-founder of the Washington Post's On Faith website and pillar of the Georgetown community, recently wrote about taking Communion at Tim Russert's funeral Mass.

More On Russert
June 14, 2008

Joe Klein and Christopher Hitchens have, respectively, insightful and moving obituaries for their friend Tim Russert. Every conversation I have taken part in or overheard over the past couple of days consists of people in one of two categories: Those who had personal stories of Russert’s kindness or generosity, or those who found themselves to be much more upset by his death than they would have expected.

Tim Russert's Hidden Genius
June 13, 2008

Like a lot of opinion journalists, I've been known to lament Tim Russert's central place in the media cosmos. Russert elevated the gotcha question into an occasionally tedious art form, then forced us to admire his handiwork. Those of us who believe a public official can be more than the sum of his inconsistencies--or, for that matter, less than the sum of his consistencies--sometimes had trouble forgiving him this. But you have to give Russert his due.

Remembering Russert
June 13, 2008

  I'm a huge admirer of Tim Russert's, and with the outpouring of tributes surely to follow over the coming days, I guess the most I could offer is a personal anecdote to express what sort of role he played for political journalists here in Washington. It's safe to say that one of the most rewarding moments in my relatively brief journalistic career was a complimentary call I received from someone on his research staff earlier this year. I had just broken the story on Ron Paul's newsletters, and minutes after it went up on our website, my phone rang with NBC on the caller ID.

Another Semi-defense Of Chris Matthews
May 29, 2008

Like Jason, I pretty much agree with every word of Hendrick Hertzberg's recent defense of Matthews. I think Matthews is as earnest, well-informed, and well-intentioned as Hertzberg gives him credit for, which is why I tune into him much more often than any other tele-pundit. The only thing I'd add is that even some of Matthews outsize flaws speak well of him, relatively speaking. Hertzberg writes that: The profile that ran in the New York Times Magazine a few weeks ago captured some of Chris (the insecurity, the self-promotion), but some is not all.