Tom Williams

Best of the Web, AM Edition
July 07, 2010

Paul the prognosticating octopus picks Spain Tom Williams: don't neglect the holding midfielder Zonal Marking's Germany-Spain preview The jingoistic simplification of the USA's run Fernando Duarte: Brazil's next coach Is Spain the most one-club-dependent team in Cup history? Jonathan Wilson: Netherlands vs. Uruguay analysis Steve Davis: raised expectations likely means Bob Bradley's out

The Exciting Fábio Coentrão?
June 09, 2010

YouTube is, in many ways, a tragically demystifying invention. One of the joys of watching a World Cup was encountering a great player from an obscure league for the first time. But now highlight reels abound. Still, there are players that I can’t wait to see in action--if only to gauge if they can live up to the moments edited together by some adoring fan. One such player is the Portugese full back, and dribbler extraordinaire, Fábio Coentrão. His skills remind me of Denilson, who could make dazzling runs, filled with step-overs and other circus moves.

Best of the Web, PM Edition
June 07, 2010

The referee for England-USA has been labeled “a crook, a scoundrel…just a shameless bastard.” Marca’s very cool calendar. Our opinion journalism cousins at the Prospect have launched a World Cup blog--with David Goldblatt! The Onion laughs at our expense. Quantifying the auditory implications of the vuvuzela. How losing Lassana Diarra remakes France’s tactics, from Tom Williams and Zonal Marking. Slate asks its readers to pick the winner. In defense of penalty shootouts. Why South Africans should consider rooting for Uruguay. Lionel Messi snores. Another reason to look forward to the Dutch: