Franklin Foer

Marion Barry Was a Historic Figure Who Couldn't Admit He Was History
November 23, 2014

He may have seemed like a political Lazarus, but his comebacks were nothing extraordinary.

The Story of How The New Republic Invented Modern Liberalism
November 09, 2014

In honor of our 100th anniversary, the history of our founding.

Amazon Must Be Stopped
October 09, 2014

It's too big. It's cannibalizing the economy. It's time for a radical plan.

The Greatest Threat to Our Liberty Is Local Governments Run Amok
September 03, 2014

They're stampeding people's rights—because they can.

Let the Border Kids Stay
August 12, 2014

A comprehensive case for compassion.

Was This the Last Great World Cup?
July 13, 2014

It wasn't a perfect tournament, but we're going to like it a lot better than the dark age that now awaits 

Let the Recriminations Begin in Brazil, and Let Them Begin with Scolari
July 08, 2014

Corruption and European clubs are sapping the country's talent. But it was their coach who ensured that this team played scared.

Yes, American Soccer Has Finally Arrived
July 01, 2014

Was that exciting, America? Well, good—you better get used to it.

Aboard TAM Flight 3805: Surviving Brazil vs. Chile at 30,000 Feet
June 28, 2014

"Please stay in your seat with your seat belt fastened" does not apply when Brazil and Chile go to penalties.