My Mind-Melting Week on the Battlefields of Ukraine
Death and disappearance in the foggiest of wars
June 16, 2014

What had started as a Russian geopolitical gambit had evolved into something else entirely.

Russia and Ukraine Really Have No Idea What's Going on Along the Border
June 13, 2014

Many don't even know where the border is

Yanukovych's Mansion Is Now Home For Ukrainian Refugees
June 09, 2014

The lush property belonging to the former Ukrainian president is now a shelter for refugees.

Kiev's Maidan Is Still Occupied, and It's Become a Darker, More Dangerous Place Lately
June 03, 2014

Life has also become more dangerous for the inhabitants of the square as pressure has mounted to clear the space.

Uneaten Cake and Dashed Hopes at Yulia Tymoshenko's Election HQ
June 03, 2014

How Ukraine's iron lady lost her populist appeal.

Вызовы Петра Порошенко
June 02, 2014

Избавление от коррумпированного президента Януковича досталось Украине высокой ценой, а победа Порошенко выглядит невероятной с точки зрения исторической перспективы.

Ukraine's New President Needs to Get Fellow Oligarchs to Stop Being So Corrupt
June 02, 2014

Getting rid of the corrupt President Yanukovych has cost Ukraine dearly. And Poroshenko’s victory looks incredible from a historical perspective. Aside from political issues, challenges await Poroshenko in foreign policy and in defense, his direct responsibilities.

The Invisible Refugee Crisis in Ukraine
May 28, 2014

Almost one-third of the people forced to flee their homes in Ukraine are children. 

Ukrainian President-Elect Petro Poroshenko Promises Reform as More Fighting Breaks Out
May 26, 2014

The morning after being elected president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko laid out his initial plans for the country as renewed fighting breaks out in the east.