The Making of Belgium's Golden Generation, and Imported Versus Cultivated Talent
July 02, 2014

It has been noted: Maybe what US soccer needs is more military bases in places like Spain and Brazil 

Yes, American Soccer Has Finally Arrived
July 01, 2014

Was that exciting, America? Well, good—you better get used to it.

USA-Belgium Preview: How the USMNT Can Win in 4 Not-So-Easy Steps
July 01, 2014

"Not-so-easy" are the key words. But it can happen, if Klinsmann's team does these things.

Why U.S. Fans Should Hope for Less from Michael Bradley
June 30, 2014

The midfielder is covering way, way too much ground 

Photos: This Is How Brazilians Reacted When Their Team Won Its Shootout with Chile
June 29, 2014

Scenes from the FIFA Fanfest in Cuiabá. Matthew Niederhauser's Photo Diary, Day Ten.

Bravo, Klinsmann. And Look Out, Belgium!
June 26, 2014

It wasn't pretty, but we cheated (the Group of) Death

Photos: Dramatic Scenes in Recife, as City Floods Ahead of US - Germany Clash
June 26, 2014

Matthew Niederhauser's (waterlogged) photo dispatch.

USA-Germany Preview: The Jermaine Jones Show
June 26, 2014

Can Klinsmann's most valuable German-American outmuscle Germany's Germans?