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'The Weekly Standard' Hates Hippies
April 01, 2011

I've already discussed the Weekly Standard's long piece about The Persecution Of the Koch Brothers. One more thing jumped out at me. On the cover, amidst the raging mob of angry liberals burning the Kochs at the stake, there's a fist-waving hippie. It occurred to me that whenever the Standard wants to depict liberals, the hippie is the go-to image. So I had a slideshow made up of hippie depictions on the cover of the Standard. One thing  learned from the study is that the occurrence of hippies, according the the magazine's covers, has shot up dramatically in recent years.

The Koch Brothers' Self-Exposé
March 28, 2011

The right-wing libertarian billionaires Charles and David Koch have been the subject of enormous controversy recently. Liberals have fiercely attacked them, and conservative and libertarians have defended them with equal passion. Now we have Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard joining in with an 8,000 word cover story. Continetti is the author of “The Persecution Of Sarah Palin,” and in this piece he reprises his role as ghost author for a popular conservative victim-hero.

Bill Kristol And Neocon Newspeak
March 21, 2011

William Kristol, editorializing in the Weekly Standard, insists that the United States has never invaded a Muslim country: The president didn’t want this. He’s been so unhappy about such a possibility—so fearful of such an eventuality—that first he tied himself in knots trying to do nothing. ...After all, nothing—nothing!—could be worse than the perception that the United States was “invading” another Muslim country. Rubbish. Our “invasions” have in fact been liberations.

Adventures In Context From The Weekly Standard
March 16, 2011

William Kristol has an item at the Weekly Standard entitled, "J Street: Maybe 'Israel Really Ain't A Very Good Idea.'" This turns out to hinge upon the following quote from Daniel Levy: Daniel Levy, a founder of J Street: Look, bottom line: If we’re all wrong, if we’re all wrong and a collective Jewish presence in the Middle East can only survive by the sword, it cannot be accepted, it’s not about what we do. Sound familiar? They hate us for what we are, not what we do.

Sorry, The CBO Did Not Say Health Reform Kills 800,000 Jobs
February 11, 2011

Republican pollsters have found that, to whatever degree people are upset about the Affordable Care Act, it is primarily a function of economic conditions rather than ideological opposition to the concept of the law. They accordingly have done everything to frame their opposition in terms of jobs, including titling their repeal bill the "Repealing The Job-Killing Health Care Law Act." Yesterday, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified before the House Budget Committee, and confirmed his agency's finding that the Affordable Care Act would, very slightly, reduce employment levels.

Trust Me, I'm A Doctor
February 02, 2011

Jeffrey Anderson, writing in the Weekly Standard, has discovered yet another data point against the Affordable Care Act -- doctors in the House voted to repeal it: What do doctors think of Obamacare? One good gauge is the views of doctors serving in the House of Representatives.  Of the 16 doctors currently serving in the House -- perhaps an all-time high -- all but one voted for Obamacare's repeal. Why would doctors oppose Obamacare?

Health Care And The Wonk Gap
January 18, 2011

One of the unusual and frustrating aspects of the health care debate is the sheer imbalance of people who understand the issue at all from a technical standpoint. Even the elite policy wonks of the right make wildly incorrect claims about the issue.

Mike Pence Sees Around Corners
December 15, 2010

Weekly Standard publisher Terry Eastland spent some time with Mike Pence and is blown away by the depth of his thinking. Here's how the puff-piece begins: It may be startling to imagine the American presidency as a train that “has run off the rails.” But that’s the metaphor Indiana Republican Mike Pence chose in a speech he gave at Hillsdale College on September 20 titled “The Presidency and the Constitution.” Elected last month to his sixth term in the House of Representatives, Pence also delivered a version of the speech in mid November to the Federalist Society in Washington.

Conservative Journalists Fight For Marco Rubio's Love
November 12, 2010

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin and The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes are waging an utterly hysterical skirmish over which one loves, and is loved by, Marco Rubio more. Levin argues that he's the real Rubio supporter: Steve Hayes conveniently ignores two things.  First, when did the Weekly Standard endorse Rubio? Second, the first nationally syndicated talk show to endorse Rubio was ... mine. Au contraire, replies Hayes -- the Standard has been slavishly supporting Rubio from the beginning: THE WEEKLY STANDARD doesn’t endorse candidates.

"Wall-E" Was Not a Documentary, Fred Barnes
November 01, 2010

In the latest Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes ventures outside his comfort zone of writing down things Republican officials tell him to write an anti-bike path screed. When I picked it up, I thought to myself, this column is not going to acknowledge that driving is heavily subsidized vis a vis bikes, or that cars create negative externalities in the form of carbon dioxide emissions, is it? Check, and check.