Alec MacGillis
Senior Editor

The Shutdown is Coming to an End—With a Win for Lobbyists
October 14, 2013

After all that, the Tea Party may have helped K Street end a tax that annoyed fatcats 

Chalk One Up for Local Journalism
October 06, 2013

Last year, following up on an intriguing 2011 piece in the Toledo Blade, I stumbled upon an FBI investigation into more than $200,000 in questionable contributions made by employees of a North Canton, Ohio direct marketing firm called Suarez Corporat

My Lingering Disquiet Over the Capitol Hill Shooting
October 04, 2013

It all came and went so quickly—panicked reports of a shooting outside the Capitol, a lockdown (Kansas Republican Sen.

11 Bargaining Chips That Obama Can Offer the GOP
October 03, 2013

“We're not going to be disrespected," Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.) told The Washington Examiner. "We have to get something out of this. And I don't know what that even is."Out of the kindness of our hearts, some suggested things to get out of this:

Shutdown Kabuki
October 02, 2013

It wasn’t hard to pick out the Republican congressmen and aides at the World War II memorial on the Mall Wednesday. There, in wheelchairs and with canes, were the veterans who’d come to see the memorial in all its Albert Speer-inspired glory.

You Can't Sabotage Obamacare and Then Whine About Its Glitches
October 01, 2013

For several years now, health care policy reporters have been diligently tracking the challenges that were emerging for the Obama administration as it set about implementing the Affordable Care Act.

Meet the House Republican Who Compared Himself to the Flight 93 Heroes
September 30, 2013

When this chapter of the Republican Party’s descent into radicalism is written, the representative quote may go not to Ted Cruz, who managed to say little memorable in his 21-hour talkathon, but to his fellow Texan, Rep. John Culberson.

The Gentleman from Verona Who is Calling Out the "Obamacare Exemption" Lie
September 27, 2013

It is possibly the most cynically dishonest of all the claims being made against the Affordable Care Act: that members of Congress and their staff are being “exempted” from the law.

Meet the Congressman Who is Leading Us to a Credit Default
September 27, 2013

As House Republicans once again march us toward the precipice, they are being led by one Tom Graves, a member from Georgia.

A Rare Campaign Finance Indictment
September 26, 2013

Something pretty remarkable happened Thursday morning in Ohio: Two businessmen were charged with serious violations of federal campaign finance law.