David Greenberg

U.S. Cold War Policy Was Designed by a Bigot
George Kennan's diaries reveal just how much he hated America
April 19, 2014

In his decades of influential writing and policymaking, George Kennan presented himself as a hard-headed realist. He was anything but.

Historians Need to Learn to Hold Two Ideas About LBJ at Once
April 16, 2014

We need to consider his great deeds and terrible deeds side by side.

I'm OK With Calling LBJ a "Liberal Hero" (and No, I'm Not Ignoring Vietnam)
April 15, 2014

The guy achieved major liberal reforms in a country that fights them tooth and nail. Stop maligning him.

The Star of 'Breaking Bad' Plays LBJ, and Tries to Move Beyond the Cliches
March 27, 2014

We think we have a handle on LBJ—the raw ambition, the animal physicality, the gaping insecurities—but for the most part, we’re just redrawing the cartoon.

The ASA's Boycott of Israel Is Not as Troubling As It Seems
December 19, 2013

The American Studies Association is not nearly as influential as it thinks it is.

JFK Was an Unapologetic Liberal

His underrated career as ideological warrior
November 11, 2013

Conservatives are trying to claim him as one of their own. He wasn't. He was an unapologetic liberal.

Arguing Iraq—Ten Years Later
A symposium
March 20, 2013

MICHAEL IGNATIEFF: "For all the talk about futility and perversity in interventions, it is well to remember that not all of them have failed." 

Howard Zinn's influential mutilations of American history
March 19, 2013

Howard Zinn copied, pasted, and simplified his way to People's History of the United States. The rest of his scholarship wasn't much better.

Hagel, the Enemy of Liberals' Enemies, Shouldn't be Their Friend
December 30, 2012

Too many liberals admire Chuck Hagel because his detractors include Bush administration types. They shouldn't.

The Myth of Second-Term Failure
November 16, 2012

Forget the "second-term curse." By year five, Obama should just be hitting his stride.