Isaac Chotiner

Don't Blame the Constitution for Obama's Year From Hell
December 05, 2013

Is the Constitution an imperfect document that has led to some combination of inefficiency (as the left argues) and a lack of democratic accountability (as the right argues)?  Is it the Constitution that has been largely responsible for the problems of Barack Obama's presidency?

Marco Rubio Gives Another "Big" Foreign Policy Speech, Says Nothing
December 04, 2013

The would-be president travels to London, mouths platitudes, gets called "substantial."

Fox News Warns of Invading Muslim Schoolgirls Bent on Swim Classes
December 03, 2013

If you have ever tuned in to Fox News and seen Heather Nauert on the air, you have probably also registered surprise that she is able to string an entire sentence together. But not only can she talk—she can also read.

Chuck Schumer Slams Liberal Blogs, Analyzes Ted Cruz, and Explains How He Helped Elect Elizabeth Warren
An interview
December 02, 2013

Interview: The New York Senator on Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, and Wall Street 

The Clinton Coronation Begins. Pitying Joe Biden Continues.
December 02, 2013

Because of Thanksgiving, readers may have missed The New York Times's Joe Biden story, which ran in the newspaper on Wednesday. It is the saddest short political profile I have ever read.

What to Read Over Thanksgiving Weekend
November 28, 2013

With the long Holiday weekend ahead of us, here is a collection of links.

My Holiday Plea: Stop Complaining About the Holidays
November 26, 2013

Every year, the holiday haters show up earlier and earlier.

Was the Obama Campaign Less Brilliant Than We Thought?
November 24, 2013

A closer look at Double Down.

GOP: Ending Filibusters Is Unconstitutional and Un-American—and We'll Do it, Too
November 22, 2013

Republicans are so outraged by the Democrats' use of the "nuclear option," they're threatening to nuke back.

Marco Rubio's Foreign-Policy Speech Proves That He is The Most Craven U.S. Senator
November 20, 2013

Read his Big Thoughtful Foreign Policy Speech and see if you can find a single idea