John B. Judis

Should the U.S. Continue to Threaten Iran With War?
June 28, 2013

"President Barack Obama is not bluffing," Vice President Joseph Biden told AIPAC’s annual conference last March. "We are not looking for war.

Not All Interventions Are Imperialist
June 21, 2013

On Syria, the Left has forgotten its history.

A Good Idea Whose Time May Never Come
June 20, 2013

It’s time for the biannual, or is it quadrennial, push for a national program. The old Democratic Leadership Council made this a major priority in the 1990s.

The Two-State Solution is Dying
June 18, 2013

No one except, perhaps, Secretary of State John Kerry, thinks that the current Israeli government is willing to negotiate in good faith a two-state solution.

Investigate FISA
June 15, 2013

The defenders of government surveillance have used the media’s fascination with personalities to turn attention onto leaker Edward Snowden and away from what he disclosed.  What Snowden’s leak should prompt is a re-examination of the National Securit

The Black Panthers Revisited
June 12, 2013

Steve Wasserman, who was once editor of New Republic Books, has written a devastating review in The Nation of a new history of Oakland’s Black Panther Party, Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party, by Joshua Bloom a

Abenomics is the answer
June 12, 2013

When Japan’s new prime minister Shinzo Abe unveiled his economic program last December, it was greeted with skepticism.

The Constitutional Amnesia of the NSA Snooping Scandal
June 10, 2013

I've seen this all before—and have an FBI file to show for it.

The Unmagnificent Seven
June 06, 2013

Raúl Labrador has quit the House Gang of Eight. That doesn't bode well for immigration reform.

Documented Flaws
May 30, 2013

The immigration bill's disturbing fine print.