John B. Judis

How to Kiss and Make Up With Iran
July 17, 2013

In The New York Review of Books, former State Department officials William Luers and Thomas R.

Egypt's Liberals Are in Denial
July 16, 2013

If you were casting about for a classic example of a coup d’état or putsch, you need look no farther than today’s Egypt.  The Egyptian military has now deposed the country’s elected President Mohamed Morsi, locked him and ten of his cabinet officers

The Din of Fine Dining
July 15, 2013

At fancy restaurants, the only thing I dislike more than the dime-sized portions of sea urchins and yak intestines is the noise.

What Noam Chomsky Would Like to See in Syria
July 12, 2013

During a recent visit to Beirut, MIT professor Noam Chomsky was interviewed about the Syrian conflict by Syrian playwright and regime critic Mohammed Al Attar. Chomsky makes some observations that are worth considering.

Egypt's Liberals: Out in the Cold Again
July 10, 2013

In his blog, University of Michigan historian Juan Cole reports that Egypt’s “Rebellion” movement, or Tamarod, has taken exception to the Declaration of Constitutional Principles handed down by interim President Adly Mansour, who was appointed by the

Republican Lemmings
July 09, 2013

The key to creating a long-term Democratic majority is the Republicans' willingness to cast their lot with an overlapping group of Southern whites who are still fighting the Civil War, cultural conservatives who want to ban anal intercourse, and self

Egypt's Military Means Business
July 09, 2013

The Financial Times is reporting that the military and its allies have launched a campaign against business interests associated with the Muslim Brotherhood:

Egyptian Roulette
How should U.S. policymakers respond to Cairo's worsening violence?
July 09, 2013

How should the United States respond to the Egyptian military’s ouster of elected President Mohamed Morsi?

Glenn Greenwald: Columnist or Criminal?
Just because objectivity can't exist in journalism doesn't mean writers shouldn't strive for it
July 02, 2013

What the debate over his role reveals about the idea of objectivity in journalism.

The Egyptian Crisis
July 02, 2013

Nathan Brown, a professor of political science at George Washington University, and an associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is an expert on Egyptian politics.