Judith Shulevitz
Science Editor

And Martians Shall Save the University
Why do we need the liberal arts? Because it gives us sci-fi
July 09, 2013

Why do we need the liberal arts? Because it gives us sci-fi.

Does a Popular Form of In Vitro Fertilization Cause Autism?
July 04, 2013

There’s been a lot of chatter these past few weeks about an Atlantic article by Jean Twenge called “How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?” In it she debunks some of the research underlying the claim that women’s fertility declines steeply after 35.

Jesus and Moses Went on Cleanses
That doesn't mean you should
June 21, 2013

Scientifically sound resolution: Avoid this idiotic modern craze

Bikesharing, Rape Police, and the Poverty Trap
June 13, 2013

What does New York City’s new bike-share program have in common with the special police forces being set up in India to protect female tourists from rape?

The Lethality of Loneliness
We now know how it can ravage our body and brain
May 13, 2013

For the first time in history, we understand how isolation can ravage the body and brain. Now, what should we do about it?

Sympathy for the Stay-at-Home Mom
An argument about work, life, and the modern calendar
March 21, 2013

Thanks to the ever-expanding modern work-week, opting to stay home with the kids is a different choice than it was twenty or thirty years ago. 

The Corporate Mystique
Sheryl Sandberg and the folly of Davos-style feminism
March 10, 2013

Sheryl Sandberg and the folly of Davos-style feminism.

Why Do Grandmothers Exist?
Solving an evolutionary mystery
January 29, 2013

By the cold logic of evolutionary science, post-menopausal women lack obvious utility. That they manage to attain old age requires explanation.

How Older Parenthood Will Upend American Society
The scary consequences of the grayest generation.
December 06, 2012

We are having kids later than ever. We have no idea what we're getting into.