Lydia DePillis

Silicon Valley’s Profit-Killing Provincialism
December 06, 2012

Looking for funding for your Ohio-based tech startup? You may be out of luck: venture capital won’t venture out of Silicon Valley.

The Downside of the Startup Failure Craze
December 04, 2012

Silicon Valley's celebration of failure has gotten way out of hand.

Can Motivational Office Art Ever Actually Work?
November 29, 2012

These aren't the cheesy inspiration posters the Internet loves to mock. Still, can office art ever truly motivate people?

The GOP Can’t Afford to Ignore Cities Anymore
November 12, 2012

Nixon's suburban strategy isn't going to cut it for Republicans in 2016.

The End of .Com Hegemony and the Coming URL Gold Rush
November 11, 2012

The internet is expanding! Here's who's trying to cash in.

Obama Doesn’t Need Tech Wizardry to Fix Voting
November 08, 2012

There's nothing magic to cutting down lines at the polls. Obama--and Congress--just need to deal with the basics.

FreedomWorks Loses the Senate
November 07, 2012

FreedomWorks shot for the Senate this year, and fell far short.

Washingtonians Worry: If Romney Wins, Hollywood Stars Will Stop Visiting D.C.
November 06, 2012

Celebrities loved visiting Obama-era D.C. Now local boosters worry the stars will flee if Romney wins

What John Mellencamp Doesn’t Understand About His Industry’s Future, or Past
October 31, 2012

John Cougar Mellencamp says the music industry is dying, and that file-sharers are to blame. He's wrong on both counts.

Does This Week’s Management Putsch Mean Apple is Becoming a Normal Company?
October 31, 2012

A management putsch at Apple is yet another chance to say the company is coming down to Earth. It's a bit more complicated than that.