Lydia DePillis

How the Tech Industry Lost an Ally on Immigration
September 24, 2012

The tech industry desperately wants more high-skilled immigrants, but pro-immigration activists--feeling "dissed" over the years--aren't helping.

Unhappy Valley: A Startup Party's Tinge of Gloom
September 21, 2012

Tech startups are as hot as ever in Silicon Valley, but at a conference in San Francisco, there are hints of hard times ahead.

Goodbye, iPhone Rollout Event. Hello, iPhone Rollout Season!
September 12, 2012

Steve Jobs made product launches into media events. Now those same Apple rollouts determine the schedules of a bunch of other companies.

The Trouble with Measuring 'Tweets Per Minute'
September 07, 2012

All those election-night references to Tweets Per Minute? Here's why they don't tell us much

How Facebook's Fancy New Headquarters Are Stuck In The Past
August 30, 2012

Why must Facebook and Apple keep building the suburban tech campuses of yore?

Running Against the City: The GOP Finds Its Demon
August 29, 2012

The GOP officially decides it's got no use for urban areas, where 80 percent of the U.S. population lives.

Why Republicans Aren’t Serious About Getting Rural Areas Online
August 28, 2012

The Republican platform slams Obama for failing to get rural America online. But the GOP's preferred solution wouldn't do that either.

Europe on 5 GB a Day: What Does It Mean When Smartphones Replace Travel Guides?
August 27, 2012

Google might be the first to kill a travel publisher's print edition, but it likely won't be the last. Is there anything you can't do with an app?

Southern Comfort
June 09, 2011

By his own account, George Allen didn’t have much fun in his first and only term in the U.S. Senate, which, he once complained, moves “at the pace of a wounded sea slug.” Even less fun, however, was the dramatic flameout that took place during his 2006 campaign for reelection. First, New Republic reporter Ryan Lizza discovered a high school yearbook photo featuring a teenage Allen with a Confederate flag pin attached to his collar. Then, a few months later, Allen was caught on tape calling a South Asian Democratic campaign worker “macaca.” Suddenly, Allen had a race problem.

March Madness
March 22, 2010

Walking across the Capitol lawns yesterday morning, a little Hispanic girl noticed something exciting: protesters massing on the steps, waving flags and chanting. “Look at all the signs here!” she exclaimed to her father (in a mixture of Spanish and English), pointing toward the white marble dome. Her father might have explained to her, however, that it wasn’t their protest. The family was there for an immigration reform rally, which drew at least 100,000 participants. Meanwhile, on the steps of the Capitol were tea partiers taking a last stand against health care reform.