Michael Schaffer
Editorial Director

Here's How the Washington Football Team's Name Controversy Will End
October 14, 2013

When would-be t-shirt buyers decide a logo is too racist to wear, it's game over.

The Blaze of Glory Fallacy
October 10, 2013

My colleague Michael Kinsley wrote a post today urging President Obama to give in to Republican demands and agree to a one-year delay of the Affordable Care Act.

One Graph Shows Why Democrats Shouldn't Celebrate the Shutdown Blame Game
October 08, 2013

Bill Clinton got less of the shutdown blame in 1996 than Barack Obama gets today. And his party still didn't win back the House.

'Meese is a Pig,' Remembered
October 07, 2013

The attorney general who inspired the legendary 1980s illegal-poster campaign is back in the news

Of Course the Best Local-TV Tweet Ever Comes from Philadelphia
October 07, 2013

    Four years ago, I wrote a New Republic piece about the magic of local television news—and how that magic had achieved its greatest form in Philadelphia, where a paucity of real celebrities means local-TV anchors are treated like celebrities. 

The Factoid That Explains Why You Want to Live in a Blue State
October 04, 2013

How much of a difference does living in a Democratic-run state make? Here's the difference between what a family of three—a working parent with two dependants—would have to make in Minnesota and Alabama in order to qualify for subsidized insurance.

The One Big Question Where Americans and Rick Perry Agree
August 22, 2013

It’s official: Texas is America’s least favorite state.

Legal Pot Has a Branding Problem
August 19, 2013

Now that pot is getting to be all grown up and legal, I think it’s time we take a hard look at its aesthetics. 

Why I'm Oddly Wistful About the Post Sale
August 05, 2013

When I was in high school, one of my classmates tried to get the Washington Post to buy an ad in the literary magazine. She was turned down. But the rejection came with a hand written note from Donald Graham, then the paper’s publisher.