Mimi Dwyer

This Is What It's Like to Go to School in a Town Where Everyone Has Left
June 20, 2014

A gallery of oddly affecting senior class portraits from America's vanishing rural communities.

SXSW Grants Edward Snowden Immunity From Tough Questions
March 10, 2014

The leaker is granted immunity (from tough questions)

Is Reading Necessarily a Hostile Experience for Young Women?
December 10, 2013

In 2007, several n+1 editors discussed books they’d read or wished they had read in college. The series of dialogues was published in a pamphlet called What We Should Have Known.

Watch and Listen: Bernie Kosar, Before and After Brain-Injury Treatment
November 17, 2013

A story in the current issue of The New Republic focuses on the controversial doctors who have embraced an alternative-medicine approach to the treatment of football brain injuries.

Wikileaks' New Leak Won't Be Enough to Derail a Worrisome New Trade Deal
November 14, 2013

Yesterday, Wikileaks published a draft chapter from the biggest trade agreement in years: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a treaty between the U.S. and 11 other nations to promote free trade in the Pacific.

Where Did the Anti-Globalization Movement Go?
October 25, 2013

They’d expected big numbers—but not so big as what came.

At John Boehner's Breakfast Joint, Few People Eat and Tell
October 16, 2013

According to Wednesday’s Washington Examiner, the rift in the Republican Party is even apparent in where they eat, with establishment moderates and Tea Party conservatives dining at different spots.

Detroit Will Spend More Money on Consultants Than These Key Functions
October 10, 2013

On Tuesday, the New York Times came out with an exposé on the outlandish fees Detroit is paying lawyers and consultants to guide it through the biggest municipal bankruptcy in United States history.

U.S. Military Interventions: A Congressional Scorecard

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Only the Capitol Shooting Could Bring LGBT Activists and a Kansas Senator Together
October 03, 2013

“Lockdown during the shutdown—what’s the next ‘down’ to happen?” an Orrin Hatch staffer joked after the Hill lockdown was lifted. “Break-it-down?”