Walter Kirn
National Correspondent

Middle America Doesn't Care About Your Shutdown, Washington
September 30, 2013

On family road trips, when I was a bad boy, my father would sometimes threaten to stop the car and make me get out and walk.

This Is the Summer of Lovecraft
August 09, 2013

All summer I've been manacled to my desk writing a book about a former friend of mine, the impostor and convicted killer known to the world and the media as Clark Rockefeller.

An Uncomfortably Close Reading of Weiner's Eye-Worm Selfies
July 29, 2013

Having learned over the last few years that one must try to ride out, for sanity's sake, the all-consuming stimulus-reponse cycles fostered by 24-hour media, I gave myself an entire weekend to suppress, set aside, and generally forget about the Antho

Born in the ***
July 11, 2013

Ever since Edward Snowden plugged his thumb drive into the USB port of global consciousness, I've been monitoring myself and others for signs of incipient paranoia. I detected a few almost immediately.

Cinema of the Unknown Soldier
June 25, 2013

From The Dirty Dozen to Zero Dark Thirty: How war movies got small.

Getting Over It
June 17, 2013

Just last Friday, walking down the street, I saw a handmade sign above a dumpster warning passersby not to deposit their trash there. "Smile. You're on camera," said the sign.

Why Edward Snowden Wins on Twitter
June 12, 2013

The Newspeak dictionary is filling up.

The Marriageable Men of Princeton
May 01, 2013

Princeton Man on the prowl.

Oscar Grouch
February 22, 2013

The novel he'd written had become a movie that was nominated for an Oscar. But that didn't mean he'd have an open ticket to the party.

What Gun Owners Really Want
January 30, 2013

My father's Iver Johnson .410 shotgun, which he promised would be mine soon, leaned on its stock in a closet off the kitchen filled with other guns and camping gear.