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Readers can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that for the first time Clinton just apologized for her Iraq war vote. She has parsed this issue before, but tonight's answer seemed somehow different. If so, it is very interesting that she waited until now. ("Interesting" is a euphemism...)

Update: Here is what she said:

Well, obviously, I've said many times that, although my vote on the
2002 authorization regarding Iraq was a sincere vote, I would not have
voted that way again.

Here is what she said on Meet the Press last month:

"Well, I have said that obviously, I would never do again what George
Bush did with that vote. He misused and abused the authority that was
given to him, in my opinion. And we can't turn the clock back. I've
taken responsibility for it. It was a sincere vote at the time, based
on my assessment of, number one, what the potential, you know, risks
might be if left unchecked, given the problems that we were facing in
the world with global terrorism, and the hope that we would get
inspectors back in to figure out what had been going on since '98. We
hadn't had inspectors since '98. I, I would not have given President
Bush the authority if I knew he would deliberately misuse and abuse it.
And as I said, I was told by the White House personally that the point
of the authority was to send a very clear message to Saddam Hussein
that he was going to have to be held accountable finally, that we would
know once and for all what he had there that could be used as he had
used it in the past."

These answers are only slightly different, but in tone and emphasis the response tonight certainly sounded distinct.

 --Isaac Chotiner 

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