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Bill Clinton's Love For Israel


Is he out of his mind? Or just reckless? Well, reckless he certainly
is. That we've known for years. But now he seems to truly have gone off
his rocker. The latest evidence for the unreliability of Bill Clinton's
judgement is his statement to Beirut-based Asharq Al-Awsat that, as cited
by Ze'ev Schiff in today's Ha'aretz, "A peace agreement between
Israel and Syria could be reached within 35 minutes."

The Syrian government has been fighting Zionism for nearly three quarters
of a century. It is ruthless domestically, imprudent diplomatically and
impetuous militarily. It's bloody record in Lebanon is a companion piece
to its ambitions against Israel. Why would Clinton utter words so fatuous
when he and his diligent peace processors failed so utterly to make a dent
in the hostility between the two countries?

Of course, Clinton still clings to Oslo Agreement and the festivities on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993 when, in fact, they turned out to be utterly non-predictive of Palestinian behavior afterwards. Let's face it: Clinton's highly touted efforts to produce a settlement between Israel
and the Palestinians were a complete flop. Worse yet: a prelude to the
second intifada. The last Camp David talks were carried on when the
president might more purposefully have been thinking about Al Qaeda. But what
he was actually pondering was his Monica problem and his impeachment

Still, there's no reason to carry on the fraud so late in his life.

The fact is that Clinton does not comprehend the diplomacy of the
Palestinians or of the other Arabs. But Hillary surely doesn't know
that. And, if she gets elected, heaven forbid, there is the peril that she
will turn to her husband for his splattered wisdom on the matter. She may
be well-disposed to Israel and there is nothing in her later career to say
otherwise. And Bill also thinks he is a lover of Israel. Still, lovers
can sometimes wreak havoc more destructive than haters.

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