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August 28, 2014

Two More Signs that the GOP and Tea Party Are One

It's bad politics for the Republicans, but the rest of us will suffer the consequences.

Yes, Republicans Are Threatening a Government Shutdown Fight

Republicans don't have to utter the words "government shutdown" to get their message across.

Why Aren't Women Advancing At Work? Ask a Transgender Person.

As a population that has experienced the workplace from both perspectives, they hold the key to its biases.

August 27, 2014

Pass This Bill or a Sick Waiter Will Sneeze on Your Food

It would help stressed-out workers and the businesses that employ them. Hey, Democrats, are you paying attention?

I Have Two Nightmares About a Palestinian State

That there won't be one—and that there will be one.

Obama Was Wrong. The Era of Humanitarian Intervention Is Not Over.

Obama thought he could end humanitarian intervention. He was momentously wrong.

You Can Glimpse the Post-Apocalypse in This Photo From Gaza

There are places on Earth where people have already adapted to what might be termed the pre-post-apocalyptic present.

In 12 Years, China Built More Houses Than There Are In All of the U.K.

Is the convergence of central planning, capitalism, and construction getting out of hand?

Did Mitch McConnell Just Admit That Obama Would Beat Him In A Supreme Court Confirmation Fight?

Mitch McConnell doesn't sound very confident that he can defeat Obama's Supreme Court nominees.

Stop Twisting Republican Quotes. They're Not Threatening Another Government Shutdown.

Some reporters seem to have bought into the Democrats' campaign rhetoric

GOP Extremism Isn't Just Hurting America. It's Hurting Our Planet.

Republicans are putting all the world's people at risk now.

Horrifying Photos of China's Dog-Eating Festival—and the Activists Who Are Trying to Stop It

Warning: Some of these photos are upsetting. But some of them are inspiring, too.

Democrats Shouldn't Seek Revenge for Republican Redistricting. They Should Offer This Deal Instead.

If Democrats rout the GOP in 2020, they should take the high road.

Virginia Woolf's Intellectual Call to Arms for Women

“I will not cease from mental fight,” Blake wrote. Mental fight means thinking against the current, not with it.

ESPN's Report on Michael Sam's Shower Habits Was Delinquent Journalism

There's a real story about his acceptance in the NFL, and they're screwing it up.

Short Men Make Better Boyfriends and Husbands

Thousands upon thousands of men rejoice, feel redeemed. 

Climate Change Scientists Warn: We're Almost Too Late

Soon, climate change will be irreversible. The impacts are inevitable. 

We Should Celebrate Uber's Strategy to Poach Lyft Drivers

It's ethical, savvy, and good for workers.

August 26, 2014

I Hated English Class, Until We Read Nabokov

For years, I hid my book-loving self from my classmates. 

What Amazon Knows—and You Don't—About the Future of Video Games

Amazon spent a billion bucks on Twitch. These charts prove it was worth it. 

Critics of the United Nations' Relief Agency in Gaza Don't Have Their Facts Straight

Without the UN's herculean efforts, civil society in Gaza would have already collapsed.

TV Still Has An Inferiority Complex

So here’s my advice for next year: 2015 Emmy host Jon Hamm. 

Bashar Al Assad Is Laying a Deadly Ambush for Obama in Syria

In this case, the enemy of our enemy is NOT our friend.

Better Late Than Never: Obamacare Gets a C.E.O.

It would have been nice to have somebody in charge before last year's debacle, but better late than never.

Why I Decided War Reporting Was No Longer Worth the Risk

"This wasn’t my country, it wasn’t my war, and now I would die for it in a horrible way."

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