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August 22, 2014

Stop Obsessing About Global Warming

Environmentalists are ignoring poor countries' needs.

History's Lesson for the Middle East: When Superpowers Leave, Stability Doesn't Follow

History provides a sobering lesson about western involvement in the Middle East. It is that, when superpowers drift away, peace, progress, moderation and stability do not necessarily follow in their stead. 

How the Market Affects What Horror Makes it to Hollywood

Recent torture pornographers such as Eli Roth arguably have aligned themselves with 1970s American horror auteurs not only to legitimize their work but to cash in on their rebel credibility.

MAP: The States With the Highest Carbon Emissions Per Person

The top offender also happens to be the state with the fewest people.

Obama Tweaks the Birth Control Mandate—and the Right Is Still Angry

Obama Administration adapts regulation in response to recent Supreme Court rulings, but it's not enough for employers with religious objections to contraception

The "World Domination Summit" Wants to Teach People to Do What They Love

It's meant to inspire people to leave corporate life and do what they love. But what does that mean for the rest of us?

Cops Do Exactly the Wrong Thing When Responding to the Mentally Ill

Calling 25-year-old Kajieme Powell's death a "suicide by cop" masks the larger problem.

What Happens in Jackson Hole Matters for American Workers

Monetary policy's biggest party of the year gets underway in Jackson Hole.

The GOP's Midterm Strategy Is as Hollow as Their Ideas Are

Meanwhile, Democrats are running on Obamacare—they're just not calling it that.

Ferguson's Schools Are Just as Troubling as Its Police Force

And the city won't heal until we fix them too.

Sitting With E.M. Forster While He Had His Portrait Sketched

This writer had the pleasure of chatting with the novelist one summer afternoon.

August 21, 2014

The Prosecutor in the Michael Brown Case Must Go

Robert McCulloch should step aside, precisely because the facts of the case are so murky

The Future of College Is Not As Bleak As You Think

"Is College Doomed?" asks The Atlantic. No, it's not.

The Tea Party Is Abandoning Paul Ryan

It's no longer a matter of if the full movement will turn on him. It's a matter of when.

What Getting Arrested in Ferguson Is Like

Meghan Flannery on her arrest in Ferguson and time in jail.

St. Louis Police Killed Kajieme Powell Because They Were Following Insane Rules

There had to be a way for police to preserve his life.

The Story of How, and Why, Martha Stewart Became the Queen of Living Well

Stewart demands perfection from herself—and her acolytes.

This Is How Democrats Win on Obamacare

An embattled Democrat in a deeply conservative state is touting the program's benefits. He may have the right idea.

August 20, 2014

Unemployed Americans Are Miserable, and Republicans Are Making It Worse

Extending unemployment insurance would reduce the misery of the jobless.

Wrecking an Economy Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

They're getting a slap on the wrist when twhat they deserve is a jail sentence.

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