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March 28, 2015

The Internet Outrage Machine Is Finally Ready for Hillary

HRC Super Volunteers doesn't seem to be much more than an email address.

March 27, 2015

John Kasich's Passion for the Poor Is Rankling Conservative Christians

John Kasich won't win the presidency, but he might do Christian politics a huge favor just by running.

Sex Before the Internet Was Scary Enough to Be a Horror Film

New flick It Follows strips teens of technology so it can kill them with sex.

Elizabeth Warren Should Not Replace Harry Reid

She's most effective where she is right now.

Millennials Can Make Up Their Minds Only About Sex Ed

Millennials: the most scrutinized generation. 

Love In the Time of Putin

Lyudmila and Natasha: Russia Lives is an intimate portrait of a relationship in a politically-fraught country.

Bowe Bergdahl Wasn't a "Coward"

Before you reach for one of the most serious epithets in the language, make sure it fits.

March 26, 2015

I'm a European Jew—and No, I'm Not Leaving

Contrary to Jeffrey Goldberg and The Atlantic, Jews are not leaving Europe.

Give Up, Evangelicals. The Republican Party Isn't Going to Help You.

The GOP establishment lets them down every time—and will again in 2016.

The Long, Ugly History of Racism at American Universities

We've made progress. But we haven't gone far enough. 

Luxury Brands Are Status Symbols Only If You Can’t Afford Them

Why rich people are embracing minimalism, and the rest of us are Googling "Ralph Lauren" and "David Yurman."

March 25, 2015

Never Forget the Triangle Factory Fire—It's Why We Have Unions

When you hear politicians rail against the sins of organized labor, remember this 1911 disaster.

Ted Cruz Is Signing Up for Obamacare. That's Not Hypocritical, But It Is Heartless.

There is a story here—just not the one his critics think.

The Supreme Court Just Sided with Pregnant Working Women

A big win for working women in a 6—3 decision. 

Stop Using College Students as Political Pawns

Stop making college campuses rallying points for political gripes.

Food Snobs Like Mark Bittman Aren't Even Hiding Their Elitism Anymore

A new column shows what's wrong with the eat-local movement. 

David Brooks Was Right: Anti-Semitism Is a Different Evil

But it's not worse than other bigotries.

The Budget Gimmick That Will Save Washington

A Republican senator dropped a hint last week.

March 24, 2015

Don't Fall in Love 10,000 Miles From Home

Throw pillows don’t offer advice on where to go when the things dearest to your heart—your given family, your chosen family, your work—are all in different places. 

There Is No Such Thing as a Humane Execution

Every time we argue over how best to kill inmates, we become a less perfect union.

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