The Sad Truth about Philip Seymour Hoffman
March 22, 2014

It's tempting to say that Hoffman overcame his addiction in order to act. But it just isn't so: His addiction fueled his great feats of acting. 

Could Drug-Replacement Therapy Have Saved Philip Seymour Hoffman's Life?
February 04, 2014

Science says that abstinence-only detox treatment doesn't work. But the culture of rehab has yet to catch up.

The Media Needs to Stop Stigmatizing Our Best Weapon Against Heroin Addiction
November 19, 2013

Earlier this year, I followed Senator Joe Manchin to town hall meetings with constituents in southern West Virginia to see how voters were reacting to his role in pushing for expanded background checks for gun purchases.

Gambling with NFL Fandom
February 02, 2013

I decided to bet on the sport I love. I lost, even when I won.

Why Rehab Fails
January 29, 2013

Almost all rehabs in America adhere to the intransigent dogma promoted by AA. Some just have better views and higher thread counts.